Most flexible transaction monitoring for your compliance needs
Huntli is an all-in-one solution that helps you fight financial fraud and keep you in check with day-to-day compliance. Our one-fits-all system is easy to set up and integrate with your core banking. Our support is available 24/7 to assist you with that.
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Why Huntli?
Less time on AML cases
Ready to use scenarios gives you:
monitoring and screening of clients in real-time
ready-to-use scenario’s
scoring (for clients and transactions)
visual interface for rules creation
fast integration
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This unique offer is available for all our current clients. Reach out to us to get details
Unlimited transaction monitoring alerts
We enjoy working with Huntli as a partner. They are able to provide a solid system for transaction monitoring and fraud prevention that we happily recommend to our clients. Huntli's team is always responsive and can adapt to our client's needs. They have a unique and personalized approach to each case, that we didn’t see anywhere else on the market. Mainly our clients rely on their AML screening and transaction monitoring modules.
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How it works
Real-time monitoring
AML screening
Statistics and Analitics
Visual interface for rule creation
A risk management system detects and blocks any fraudulent activity that your users might attempt with the customer’s online banking account or payment card in real-time.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Service screens all transactions for potential ML threads and/or declines really suspicious transactions automatically.
Statistics and Analytics tools help you stay up to date with your current operations. They are packed in easy to read format and are customizable to your needs.
Visual Rule Engine provides over 95% detection rate. It gives great results in pair with Machine Analysis.
Our support is available 24/7, to help you set up our system to comply with your compliance guidelines.
We have created a compliance officer's dashboard that would help you get access to all of our features. In the dashboard, you can set up your rules, connect AML lists and monitor all compliance activities
We needed to install a system for transaction monitoring and AML screening in a short time frame. Huntli team members helped to resolve our issue in a month: they installed the system in three weeks, and a week after that put it into operation. They set the system and also helped with configurations of new scenarios. Besides, they offered to customize and develop extra scenarios specifically for our company. All team members worked very professionally, offered new solutions, and provided informational support at all stages of work. Also, we liked the flexible approach to the payment system, which was selected for us.
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